An age-old craft inspires an extraordinary new experience

Uncover the story behind the burgundy interior of the All-New INFINITI QX80 with Megumi Mitsui

Benibana is the Japanese art of flower dyeing. Going back centuries, artists used the florets of safflower plants to create a wide range of hues used to dye fabrics, woodblock prints and more. One of the earliest believed uses of benibana goes back to the Nara period in Japan from 710 to 784 when it was used in works of art featuring flowers and birds.

INFINITI color and trim designer Megumi Mitsui took the warmth of Benibana red and combined it with deep burgundy to compliment the black leather inside the all-new INFINITI QX80.

The burgondy interior of a QX80

Mitsui designs interiors to be loved so when someone enters the cabin, they feel renewed. Using the finest materials and drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese crafts, she helped craft a cabin that's visually stunning, rewards the senses and creates a place of sanctuary.

"We're not just designing cars," said Mitsui. "We're creating an experience."

Listen as Mitsui discusses the importance of texture and materials in luxury car design and her innovative approach to QX80's visionary cabin.

The Makers of QX80, Episode 3

The Makers

The Makers seriesOpens in a new tab. focuses on creators who are redefining traditional crafts and skills with modern techniques and materials. Their innovative work inspires us at INFINITI. This season, we meet the team behind our latest luxury SUV, the All-New QX80.