Moonbow Blue Shines On Through New Digital Artworks

How do you create a color that reflects both a rare and elusive phenomenon in nature? It's an enormous task made even more challenging by the ever-changing nature of the phenomenon: the magnificent moonbow. 

Remarkably rarer than rainbows, moonbows appear within days of a full moon, created when moonlight is refracted through droplets of water, such as from the wake of a waterfall. The moonbow reflects the deeper, more majestic colors of the rainbow: a spectrum of purple through green. 

The color spectrum of a moonbow is moody and majestic– from violets and blues to greens. 

INFINITI's designers became enthralled by this phenomenon and created their own version of this shifting color while developing the inaugural shade for the brand's stunning three-row QX60 launch. The result is Moonbow Blue, which when repurposed on the sleek SUV, makes for a mesmerizing effect with changing color highlights due to the lighting. 

INFINITI's Moonbow Blue in all its glory on the stunning three-row QX60 

As one of INFINITI's newest and more unique colors, the brand's global marketing team were inspired to bring the premium hue to life in a whole new and immersive manner that extends well beyond a vehicle. Partnering with OUCHHH Studios, an innovative new media studio led by Ferdi Alici and Aylul Alici, a creative concept was formed to pay homage to Moonbow Blue and its origins through an ever-changing digital art collection.


A mesmerizing multisensorial experience blurring the boundaries of art and technology to change the way we look at colors

And so, Alici and team leveraged open-source Astro Data around the sun, the moon and starlight as a baseline for their creative development. They integrated these data sets into their design process through Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning, essentially turning numbers into three-dimensional representations to express light, color and form. 


"Working with INFINITI's Moonbow Blue became the perfect challenge for us to use AI data to generate digital sculptures, bringing the color to life in a whole new multisensorial experience," said Ferdi Alici, Director, OUCHHH Studios.

With the most current Astro Data, the team curated a collection of 15 unique ever-evolving digital artworks to match the allure of Moonbow Blue. Each digital mural that was created is an exquisitely distinct, transforming piece of art inspired by the color.

The INFINITI QX60 finished in Moonbow Blue together with projected digital artworks befitting of a color of such stunning nature.

The digital artwork includes video of the projected collection alongside the INFINITI QX60 using projection mapping technology. By positioning a QX60 finished in Moonbow Blue against the digital mapping, the colors and lights dance together to create a different color experience all together. 


The digital works of art are designed to live across digital spaces including INFINITI's website and social media channels as well as for use at future activations at retailers around the world. 

Not nearly as elusive as a moonbow in the wild, viewers around the globe can experience an out-of-this-world journey into the wonder that is INFINITI Moonbow Blue here







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