All-new INFINITI QX60’s energy extends to China

CHONGZUO, China — By definition, once momentum begins, it's hard to constrain.

When a China-exclusive version of the all-new INFINITI QX60 was unveiled at the Guangzhou Motor Show in December — just months after the US version debuted — its energy going forward was already undeniable.

It's latest stop on its captivating worldwide tour: China. But that hardly tells the whole story.

Late last month, INFINITI hosted media in the beautiful and bountiful terrain near Chongzuo and provided attendees an exclusive opportunity to experience the serene all-new QX60. The latest QX60 is the second-generation of the nameplate but the first generation to be locally assembled exclusively for customers in China. The QX60 is eagerly anticipated by INFINITI customers in China, evidenced by the overwhelming response at its debut, and will go on sale in just a few weeks.

Located in southwestern China, Chongzuo exemplifies the type of destination future QX60 owners might visit for a family getaway, or to find respite from the frenetic big-city life. Beginning with a venue showcasing the Zhuang identity native to Chongzuo in its architecture, the region provided an idyllic location for attendees to put the three-row SUV through its paces, on paved and unpaved roads that traverse rolling landscapes comprising dramatic mountainsides, lush green forests, and beautiful blue seascapes.

The QX60's sleek exterior and serene interior matched the expressive output of its 2.0-liter variable-compression turbocharged engine and all-new 9-speed automatic transmission. Dynamic INFINITI Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, which is available on all models, enhanced roadholding and delivered a sense of confidence, regardless of the road surface or terrain below.

The all-new QX60's linear steering, coupled with double-piston shock absorbers, combined to deliver not only excellent handling, but ensured a comfortable, composed ride for drivers and passengers in all three rows. 

For a city steeped in history, the scenery from every view in and around Chongzuo city is vibrant, nuanced, and, very often, alive. Ancient limestone juts into plentiful sugarcane fields in the Guangxi Autonomous Region, where Chongzuo is located. The temperate climate in that region makes growing fruits such as bananas, oranges, and pineapples remarkably easy. The ground and soil are literally alive with color and flavor of the land.

The strong natural and human connection that Chongzuo offers mirrors the same found in the all-new INFINITI QX60. The QX60's stunning exterior projects strength in its upright stance and proportions, with elements of the interior mimicking shapes found in nature, such as the quilting on the AUTOGRAPH seats that recreate the intersecting ripples on a pond. Even its expressive and exclusive Moonbow Blue paint, available in China and featured in the drive program, is specifically crafted to reproduce the subtle hues and colors alive at dusk.

Overwhelming positive sentiment from participants and onlookers provided instant feedback: the INFINITI QX60's momentum is only going forward — that much is clear. Its indelible mark for those looking to Conquer Life in Style is even clearer.