INFINITI Driver takes on Tokyo in his QX55

INFINITI owners worldwide share a deep connection with their vehicles. Many are true enthusiasts, each with their own personal story of what drew them to INFINITI and what keeps them coming back for more.

As a brand, we celebrate the stories and the passion that our customers have for our products. Sometimes this passion extends to regions where INFINITI products aren't even on sale. Japan-based Suguru Nagashima is a shining example of this, having been an inspired INFINITI owner of three different vehicles for 19 years running. 

What makes his story particularly compelling, is the fact that he's driven to a brand that's not even officially on sale in his country of residence. Although INFINITI's global headquarters are anchored in Yokohama, the brand's vehicles are not officially sold, nor distributed in Japan.

Suguru, who calls Saitama city, north of the Tokyo metropolis home, initially fell in love with INFINITI vehicles while living in the U.S. and experiencing automotive culture there. His passion for the brand was such, that when the time came to repatriate to Japan, he was spurred to import several INFINITI models in the years that followed.

Suguru's inspired story captures the passion of INFINITI owners and the lengths some will go to in order to drive a vehicle they feel connected to.

Suguru shares that "INFINITI is always with me as a partner to achieve some purpose." He shows that it's not just about the technology or the features; it's often the way a car makes people feel, that creates a deeper, more meaningful connection. 

A rarity on the roads of Tokyo, the QX55 provides a connection point to strangers, who are instantly curious about his ride and the driver who dares to do something differently.

Learn more about Suguru's story below, as he proudly winds through the colorful streets and over the iconic bridges of Tokyo in his sleek, dynamic sunstone red QX55.