INFINITI and the infinite road

Yokohama, Japan – Some believe the INFINITI logo is designed to look like Mount Fuji, the largest mountain in Japan, to pay homage to the brand's Japanese heritage.

Others see it as a lemniscate, the mathematical symbol for infinity.

But the truth is, the famous symbol is tied more closely to the ethos and foundation of a luxury brand built to challenge convention, value human connections, and focus on the endless possibilities of the road ahead.

The metallic oval of the INFINITI symbol features two dynamic lines converging in the center, symbolizing elegance, the 'infinite road' and the vanishing point of a straight road over the horizon.

The horizon is sentimental because our brand aspires to new horizons in the automotive industry. Together with our customers, employees and retailers, we see ourselves as traveling on the open road toward infinity.

But the INFINITI name also plays a crucial part in our philosophy. In 1989, when INFINITI was founded and introduced with the Q45, the architects of the brand saw symmetry in the four 'I's of the company's name, fitting the brand's artistic vision and commitment to dramatic design.

But the four 'I's go beyond symmetry. They reflect who we are and where we're heading.

In these uncertain times, INFINITI has all 'I's on the future. We recognize the road ahead may have obstacles, but we're continuing to keep our eyes on the future and its endless possibilities.